Dear miners,
The PHP-MPOS pool software on github has no updates since 2018. The DeepOnion team cares about your security and privacy, so we decided to change the DeepOnion community pool software back to p2p mode.
Please withdraw your coins. Failing to do so may result in the the loss of the stored coins. Please withdraw your coins before 24-Jan-2020 or contact us if you need assistance.

Kind regards,
The DeepOnion Team
New DeepOnion Release With DeepSend Feature
posted 12/15/2019 06:30:31 by bykardinal
Introducing DeepOnion DeepSend

Did you know the fact that bitcoin coin transfers are visible to some unwanted parties?

This can cause a headache for you. To solve this problem, many insecure and centralized mixer services started to appear online and they can cost you money and put you at risk.

Despite all the risk some of the privacy-sensitive users already using these insecure and inconvenient mixer services because there is no better option.

A DeepSend transaction can help you prepare for the worst.

If you ever need to send someone money anonymously, DeepSend will allow you to make a completely private transaction in less than 2 minutes with guaranteed security.

Here DeepOnion dev team brought the solution: DeepSend

Now with DeepSend, you can make unstoppable and secure transfers hidden from the blockchain.

DeepSend is an advanced decentralized trust-less system and we make private transactions easy. You can create a safe and private transaction with little effort.

Boost Your Transfer Security with DeepOnion DeepSend today and become the Edward Snowden of blockchain with the all-new DeepSend privacy feature.

Click Below

When sending ONION select DeepSend option in the wallet.

If you have questions concerns you can open a support ticket at

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DeepOnion Wallet With DeepSend Feature

Version 2.1.0 includes many features updates, including:

  • Deepsend which uses trustless multisig technology to hide transaction traces and provide privacy and anonymity.
  • Automatic version check button to ensure your wallet is the latest available.
  • Improved and faster deepvault feature.
  • Latest checkpoints on the blockchain and the deeponion itself blockchain signature up to block 1614800 is registered with Bitcoin blockchain, which ensures further the security of our blockchain.
  • Misc bug fixes.
This version is not mandatory upgrade, it is compatible with previous versions. However you are strongly recommended to upgrade to take advantage of the latest features and make the wallet more secure.

From this point on, the legacy version (v1) will no longer be supported by the dev team.

DeepOnion-qt-2.1.0-DV.exe is registered on the DeepOnion Blockchain! Verify with address Dg9D3ZvXoLk6Ysw5SG8VVMiMDqXmWvEbjt.

Virus-scan Reports (on QT file), v2.1.0.0-c45c47b3b (DV): (VirusTotal)

You can download prebuilt versions here. QtOnly zip contains only the Qt Wallet client, while Full zip includes also the cli, tx, daemon executables.

DeepSend wallet for Windows

DeepSend wallet QT only

OSX DeepSend wallet

OSX DeepSend without DV

DeepSend Guide (DeepSend Guide | DeepOnion Forum)

The 5 ONION limit is temporary to prevent coin loss due to undiscovered bugs.

If you want to be able to run a DeepSend node (to be a mixer or guarantor)
You need to add conf file this line and restart wallet
After adding new directive to conf file, any wallet satisfying the DeepSend conditions (a. at least 2 wallet addresses, b. >= 15 ONIONs in balance and c. your wallet is unlocked for DeepSend), can participate as the service nodes in DeepSend network.
New DeepOnion DeepVault Maintenance Release V2.0.5
posted 09/14/2019 15:51:02 by bykardinal

New DeepOnion Maintenance Release 2.0.5
Exchanges/Pools/Explorers those can use source to upgrade can now upgrade DeepOnion to v 2.0.5
This is not a mandatory but highly recommended upgrade!

v2.0.5 is a maintenance version and it fixes the fee issue which potentially could cause a fork. Because of this you are highly encouraged to upgrade to this latest version to avoid potential issues. Also, checkpoints are updated to the latest. DeepVault made some improvements too so that a deepvault.dat file is created which accelerates the startup and avoid a full scan.

As usual, we have DV version and non-DV version. Anyone can build non-DV version from the github, the code is open.

DeepOnion-2.0.5-Windows-DV-qt.exe is registered on the DeepOnion Blockchain! Verify with address Dg9D3ZvXoLk6Ysw5SG8VVMiMDqXmWvEbjt.

Virus-scan Reports (on QT file), Version v2.0.5.0-174b38aff (DV): (VirusTotal)

Download DeepOnion Windows with DeepVault 2.0.5

DeepOnion Mac 2.0.5 version DV

coming soon

Other Tools to Remember
You can use DeepOnion conf generator if you cannot sync (DeepOnion Official Config Nodes)

You can use quick sync file for faster sync (DeepOnion - DeepOnion Blockchain)

DeepOnion Github Source Updated version 2.0.5 (deeponion/deeponion)

Warning: when you clone from github use recursive flag
git clone --recursive http://......
(not directly clone)

Your Feedback is Welcome
For assistance start a new support ticket

Follow: Tails, Debian and Ubuntu thread for update (Official Tails, Debian And Ubuntu Install Guide)

New DeepOnion Maintenance Release V2.0.4.1
posted 08/11/2019 13:06:57 by bykardinal
New DeepOnion Maintenance Release
Exchanges/Pools/Explorers those can use source to upgrade can now upgrade DeepOnion to v

This is not a mandatory but highly recommended upgrade!

2.0.2 Wallet update
posted 05/22/2019 08:00:25 by bykardinal

Stratum server updated to latest 2.0.2 wallet.
Happy mining.

2.0.2 release:

DeepOnion wallet 2.0 TESTING MODE
posted 05/05/2019 19:27:49 by bykardinal

In test mode we updated pool mining and payments parts to DeepOnion 2.0 daemons.
It looks ok, but lets keep eye on it.
If you will notice any issues with pool feel free to send e-mail to [email protected]
or you can leave comment here:


DeepOnion V 1.8.1 Released
posted 04/16/2019 08:38:47 by bykardinal
DeepOnion V 1.8.1 Released (not a mandatory upgrade)
Version 1.8.1 is a maintenance release. It fixes a small issue in 1.8.0 that occasionally may cause a fork or out of sync. It also added latest checkpoints, and updated blockchain verification with latest blockchain hash (up to block 1118505) checked in Bitcoin blockchain.

Version 1.8.1 is not a mandatory upgrade, but users are highly recommended to upgrade, due to better security of the wallet.

Windows Wallet Client V1.8.1-DV (DeepOnion-Qt.exe) is guaranteed by DeepVault, with verification address Dg9D3ZvXoLk6Ysw5SG8VVMiMDqXmWvEbjt.
You can verify the authenticity of the downloaded executable with DeepVault.

Download DeepOnion V 1.8.1
New DeepOnion Release 1.8 With Various Improvements
posted 02/20/2019 16:07:44 by

New DeepOnion Release 1.8 with Various Improvements
DeepOnion Version 1.8.0 is a maintenance release. It has the following enhancements:

For non-DV version, by default the blockchain check will not be performed. This is to accelerate the startup. The user can use following ways to verify the blockchain:
(a) set flag "checkblockchain=1" in conf file, and the startup will perform the check
(b) do it after wallet starts at QT UI: Help->Debug Window->Information, click on "Verify blockchain" button
(c) do it after wallet starts through CLI command "verifyblockchain"

For DV-version, the blockchain check is mandatory and config flag will be ignored. This is because DV will need to do checks anyway so won't save startup time.
Tightens some sanity checks when receiving new blocks.
Also it adds latest checkpoints to make blockchain more secure and includes miscellaneous small bug fixes.
Version 1.8.0 is not a mandatory upgrade, but users are highly recommended to upgrade, due to the better security of the wallet.

Windows Wallet Client V1.8 DV (DeepOnion-Qt.exe) is guaranteed
by DeepVault, with these developer addresses
or Dk5CkRpnQzQR9c1UsKU8iH7t9ehJBzqLR6
For security, verify the downloaded file at before running it.

The virus report of the Windows Wallet V1.8.0-DV can be found here (for Qt.exe file):

Download DeepOnion V.1.8 Windows DeepVault

Alternative link (Mega Download) V.1.8 Windows DeepVault!kvRklaYI!nZoBCSOFdTBLIoI9DRBFIl3dhvNUId-4CSscxqKoXc (MEGA)

Download DeepOnion V.1.8 Mac

Download DeepOnion V.1.8 Mac Mega!Fq5X0aoJ!
TVd6QpBDz2J_lh11MNMrdYgc7HOWBBj3Mzn1PH5ulU (MEGA)

Tails/Ubuntu/Debian Repo updated to DeepOnion V.1.8
Tails/Ubuntu/Debian - repo updated:
DeepVault now officially supported on Tails/Ubuntu/Debian (Official Tails, Debian And Ubuntu Install Guide)

Introducing The DeepOnion Shopify App - New Release
posted 02/20/2019 16:03:50 by

DeepVault Browser App: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Tor Browser, ...
posted 02/20/2019 16:01:58 by

DeepOnion DeepVault verification app added to the Chrome App Store

You can use it both Chrome, Opera and Brave browsers

Additionally if the different browser supports (i.e Firefox) Chrome apps (by some converter apps) you can add there too

posted 02/20/2019 15:59:42 by

You can now register and verify documents online using our advanced blockchain-based cryptographic hashing technology.
What is DeepVault?
DeepVault is a blockchain notary that allows you to store file validation credentials (hashes of files) within the blockchain. The ability to verify your files' integrity has innumerable benefits and can be applied to almost all scenarios.

DeepVault will be invaluable in checking whether your essential documents are secure and have not been tampered with. With DeepVault we offer file security. Your files never leave your computer and are never uploaded to our server. Your browser processes the data. The DeepVault web app is an Online Notary service that uses an advanced hashing process and file verification process. The hashing process used is the secure and trusted SHA-256 algorithm.

How To Join The VoteCentral Airdrop And Earn Crypto
posted 02/20/2019 15:57:15 by

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